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Boondee Wireless electricity Experimental Kit
wireless electricity
Send power electricity through air, no require wire cable.
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wireless electricity transmission

wireless experimental kit
Boondee wireless electricity Experimental Kit, We sell the experimental kit included complete components for you to do the experiment and further develope yourself. It is amazing you can light up the bulb without using electrical wire. This kit was designed for 15 AC volt, 150mA. Distance of efficient wireless is about 15 cm. If place the two coils near together it obtains 57 AC volt.

Plug the Wireless transmitter to the wall outlet 220-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz. and place the wireless receiver near the transmitter. You will observe that the LED bulb is brightening weak and strong as you move the coil distance closure or far apart. From this kit you can up scale into larger watts and distance.

You can send electricity from one place and send to another places by modify this kit for long distance and more power transmission. Or do what's so ever you wanted to do !

The Kit comprised of ;
  1. Oscilator tube (the blue tube in the picture)
  2. Oscilating coil or wireless coil (2 pcs) for power transmitter and power receiver.
  3. LED bulb

    • Total net weight= 1100 gram,
      Total gross weight = 1500 gram

    We delivery worldwide. Best for inventor, R&D, Students, Engineering, Scientist, University, Researcher and developer
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