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Ozone generator - ozone Thailand.
We have the Technology to stop the Virus Spreading and Eliminate any future outbreaks.
  • Ozone Ē What is Ozone? Itís a Gas!
  • Ozone works 3000 Times Faster than Chlorine
  • Ozone Has to be the best Clean in Pass Method
  • Ozone Killís 99.9% of Bacteria
  • Ozone is a Very Powerful Deodorizer
  • Ozone is a Very Powerful Oxidizer
  • Ozone Does not need to be Manufactured like Chemicals
  • Ozone Does not need to be Transported or Stored like Chemicals
  • Ozone Is produced right where you want it, On Site
  • Cure for the SARíS Virus!
It has been apparent to me for many years that sickness and death are beneath our feet daily.
Yes, I am talking about the sewers.
A person is sick and goes to the toilet and flushes Does this excrement simply disappear? No it does not it goes into the pipes and then is carried to the sewage treatment plant.
I made that statement so many times that with this new mutations and proliferation of new and stronger "Bugs" there would come a day that the sewers would spread disease 100% That day has come!

In Hong Kong they have discovered that one of the Major Vectors of the spread of SARS is the sewer lines or pipes.
Finally, There is no Known Bacteria that has Developed a Resistance to Ozone, A Claim that cannot be made by any other Biocide.
For to long now Companies and Governments have failed to Treat waste Properly and this is one of Societies Own Goals!
What goes around comes around
Advancement of Ozone Technology to a safe environmentally friendly state of the art approach to Water Treatment Ozone kills mould and mildew spores and eliminates organic odours safely and completely! with ozone generator the lastest technology for water and air polution control.
Supa Ozone generator Model SO-5
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ozone generator supa3ozone generator supa4
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Apply ozone SO-5 to water tank (see pictures below) before supply to your house. Just drop the ozone nozzle to the bottom of the tank and switch ON the ozone generator. The water will be very very safe and clean. Ozonated water is safety for the following purposes;
Who use Ozone ?

Removal of tobacco and other undesirable odour's
  • Residential area.
  • Pet Shop.
  • Restaurant.
Degerminize for :
  • Infant nursery room.
  • Operation room.
  • Dental clinic.
  • Bedroom.
  • Waiting area in clinic and hospital.
  • Car / Bus
  • Air conditioning unit.
For water purifying applications :
Removal of :
  • Residual pesticide.
  • Toxic chemical and extent freshness for
  • Vegetable, meat and seafood.
Prepare ozonated water for :
  • Drinking water.
  • Shower.
  • Mouth wash.
  • Face cleaning.
  • Injury disinfection.
ozone generator installation supa1ozone generator installation supa 2
ozone generator installation supa 3ozone generator installation  supa 4
ozone generator installation supa 5ozone generator installation supa 6
ozone for swimming pool
Product specification
Product nameSupa Ozone Generator
Ozone output5000 mg/hour, 15 litre/minute
Power voltage220 VAC, 50/60Hz
Watt60 watts
Dimension30 x 20 x 21.50 cm
Net weight5.36 kgs
Price US$ 1100, (33,000 Thai Baht)
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