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Boondee inverter emergency power supply
for residence and office use. DC to AC
inverter 1
inverter 2
inverter 3
Data Specification
Watt3000 watts
DC to AC12 VDC to 220 VAC / 60Hz
Dimension: 106 x 44.5 x 100 cm
Net weight :120 kg
5000 watts inverter
Supa inverter are very powerful, durable, best for 7/24 operation, no heat, still can operation when voltage drop to 6 volt while other brands shut down when voltage drop to 11.50 volt. You can apply solar cells panel to our inverter. Price US$ 2414/unit
Ms. Supa, the inventor
Spec Data
Out put voltage220-240 Volt, AC, 50Hz
Power5000 watts
Power sourceLead acid car battery 12 V, 45A x 4 units
Dimension L W H : 79 x 40 x 109 cm
Net weight90 kg
Warranty3 years
Price70,000 Thai Baht or US$ 2414
To apply inverter as UPS you are advised to apply manetic contactor connect as picture diagram below.
connect as UPS
DIY PLAN available now !
You can build your own powerful inverter at any watts you want, just buy our plan Do it yourself (DIY) for the price only US$ 250, The plan will be email to you after payment within 8 hours (Bangkok time).
Paid by credit cards
Power Transformer 4.6kva
Power Transformer 4.6kvaSine wave generator
Assembly Power driverCopper rod bus bar
Completed Power driverPower driver
Power driverAssembly all parts into one module
Completed inverter 5000 watts, 4.6kva, (side view) inverter module
Completed inverter 5000 watts, 4.6kva, (side view) inverter module
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