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Ghost / devil repeller
How to get rid of ghosts from your house ?
Haunted house, ghost hunting

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Ghost repellent
You or someone may have experience with ghost or devil after bought new second hand house from the former owner. Some houses may have bad spirit inside which will interfere your daily life unhappy and frighten your children. Finally many of you leave away the house and find a new home. We have a solution for you, "Trisaksri Ghost Repeller". Just place this device in side your house and switch ON. All ghost and devil will leave away your home and won't come back again. Now who run away, You or ghost ? Save money in finding a new home.
Technical parameter (Trisaksri Ghost Repellent)

Product dimension20 x 21 x 20 cm in wooden box
Net weight2900 gram
Rated Voltage 220 vac, 50/60 Hz
Electric current2 Amp
Ghost captureVideo camera special design for low magnetic field or natural phenomenon
Condenser mic will capture the sounds.
Display meter15 LED indicator of magnetic/electromagnetic field INPUT
Repellent system (Out put)Video capture the ghost then convert to radio signal and sent to WAVE KILLER.
ghost repellent
ghost repeller
Prototype invented date 5th March 2009, Bangkok Thailand at
Boondee Laboratory. Trisaksri © Ghost Repeller Front panel
ghost hunting
Prototype back panel. Trisaksri © Ghost repeller
ghost repeller
Front panel 2nd edition 2016
ghost hunting
Back panel 2nd edition 2016
Price to United States USD 1500 + USD 140 shipping cost = 1640 Us Dollars. For other countries, please email us to quote shipping cost. Custom made would take about 10-15 days. We accept payment; credit cards, PayPal, wire transfer and cash.
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