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The world first man made HydroCarbon Fuel (MHCF ©) invented by Supa Boondee in May 2018 - Why pay LPG gas, biogas and charcoal ?
Supa Boondee sucessfully invented MHCF © fuel to replace the existing expensive energy such as Propane, LPG, biogas, charcoal and gasifier. it is safe and environmental friendly, no chemical compound. The cost of production MHCF per one kg is much more cheaper than any other energy available in the market. The 15kg of propane heat equivalent to 10kg of MHCF fuel. Its selling price is about US$ 0.23 per kg while the propane gas selling price is US$ 0.87 per kg.

MHCF Fuel © Technology know-how is for sales at the price US$ 167,000. We will disclose the fuel formula and train how to do it by yourself. Pay 50% before see and the remained 50% after have seen, you will be given the formula, training and you would be granted our license.

You should consider my new invention MHCF fuel alternative to replace LPG, Charcoal and woods. I will grant you a license to produce it in your country, you are allowed to manufacture and sell it as a commercial. The cost of production is super lower than any other form of energy available in the market. The raw material is easy out source everywhere, easy to produce with less investment but high profit of return.
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Supa Boondee Workshop
384/116 Moo 2, The Trust City Ngamwongwan 25, Ngamwongwan 25 Yak 26,
Tambol Bangkhen, Amphurmuang,
Nonthaburi province,
Thailand 11000
Tel: +66-2-1168861
MHCF © Hydrocarbon Fuel and MHCF stove
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