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Supa Gasifier Reactor Stove - Gasifier Generator - Why pay LPG gas ?
We design and invented Gasifier Reactor Stove, Gasifier Generator using disposable wood producing cooking gas for home use and for motor engines. We have come up with model iizz v.1 very powerful quality gasifier reactor stove, NO SMOKE, ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY, NO POLLUTION. VERY CLEAN ENEGY.
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wood gasifierwood gasification
How many pieces of wood require ?
Ans. Apply a few pieces of wood to cook your food. One small piece can fry egg, 3 small pieces can fry rice, 10 small pieces can make a big pot of soup. The more pieces of wood, the more heat and flame. Alternatively you can use recycle cooking oil to convert into biogas as a cooking gas. See this page. Or read our FAQ page click here.

How to ignite the stove ?
Ans. Use a few pieces of charcoal put in to the reactor, burn one piece out site the stove and put that burned charcoal into the reactor to burn the other charcoal pieces to make the reactor heat enough to extract hydrocarbon from wood. Turn ON the blower and wait a few miunites to have all charcoal burned and now you can start putting pices of wood into the reactor. Note that * Use charcoal only once no need other charcoal once the reactor is hot. That's it. See video How to ignite the reactor?"

How to buy reactor stove ?
Ans. The price of iizz v.1 is 25,000 Baht. To order please make payment wire transfer to one of our bank accounts at See our bank here. After that email your adress to us. This price exclude delivery cost, if you would like us to delivery we have TNT Express door to door service, the delivery cost is about 2800 Baht per unit applied to all area in Thailand.
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Wood Gasifier Reactor Stove Model iizz v.1
Data Specification
Product nameSupa Wood Gasifier Reactor Stove
Modeliizz v.1
Fuel Volume:5.3 litre litre
Dimension Stove GasifierStove height 60 cm. diameter 8 inches
Blower120 watts, 220 Volt
Weight:31.60 kg.
Shipping cost by TNT Express2800 Baht.
Price:25,000 Baht
Price25,000 Thai Baht + 2800 = 27,800 Baht
Contact our Sales
or Cells phone 081-4451149 , Office Tel. 02-1168861 Line id: supaboondee
iizz v.1
Gasifier model iizz v.1 has trash outlet and stove head to put the metal pot and oven, we will come up with new design oven to use with iizz v.1, coming soon.The above drawing show how to install 4 stove for restaurant, save money 100% in buying cooking gas.
We can apply reactor stove to generate hot steam by using copper tube widing as shown in picture and place in the reactor stove, water in tank flow through the copper pipe and turn into steam by the heat
Ms. Supa with gasifier
Watch the video
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