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  1. What size of wood chips require to operate the stove ?
      Size of wood chips should have the length not exceed 10 cm, width about 2-5 cm and thickness about 1-3 cm
  2. What kind of wood ?
      Any types of dry wood no problem.
  3. Where i can buy the disposal wood ?
      If you resided in Thailand you can google search the suppliers, however most of the wood sellers require minimum 10 tons at 1.5 Baht per kg. They do not split retail. Or you can outsorce from furniture factory they always have disposal wood every day. You should visit them and tell them what you want. Or you can buy lumber from the wood store and cut into small pieces yourself.
      You are advised to buy Eucalyptus wood price only 1 Baht per kg. Cut 1 cm length, Eucalyptus gives a very good hydrocarbon (biogas) energy and easy to find in the market, they offer retail and wholesales. Try google search with keywords "eucalyptus wood store in Thailand" or have Thai people help you type Thai words in google.
  4. How to ignite the reactor stove ?
      Require small quantity of charcoal about 250 gram put in to the reactor. And burn one piece of charcoal outside and put into the reactor to combustion the rest of charcoal, this process take a few minutes. Once all pieces of charcoal were combustion, now you can start putting pieces of wood into the stove to generate biomass and to biogas and flame. The more wood you put, the more biogas and flame you get. Do not put the wood full the reactor as it will cause unnecessary so much biogas and heat. Just put the adequate amount of wood as much as you want.
      How to ignite the reactor ? Test with fresh Eucalyptus wood, the result is perfect. Very clean energy without smoke and odor. More biogas was extracted.
      Watch the video How to ignite the Reactor
  5. Do we always need to keep on the charcoal ignite ?
      If you seldom use the stove, you do not need to keep the charcoal ignite. Anyway for restaurant and food shop require to keep the fire in the reactor. When you temporary stop making food, adjust the left and right air valve to have the little air flow into the reactor to keep warming the reactor. And open the air valve when you want to continue cook the food. When you close your restaurant, turn OFF the blower and close the air valve, the combustion will slowly vanish.
  6. How frequent to operate the shaker ?
      Every 10 mintues require to operate the shaker to drop the fire ash down the bottom and to let the grat opening for air flow into the reactor tube.
  7. How to apply recycle cooking oil as a wood ?
      Take a small tin can diameter about 8 cm, close the lid can and drill the small holes on the lid. The cooking oil will convert into biogas and release through the small holes, do not open the lid as it will generate too much flame and biogas over the stove plate.
  8. How to grill or bake with this stove ?
      Grilled chicken or pork, just place the chicken or pork on the stove. To oven the chicken, pork and beef, you need to install metal box and drill the 6 inches hole at the bottom before place on the stove.
  9. Howmany year warranty ?
      2 years for the stove and 1 year for the blower.
  10. How to buy ?
      Reactor stove model iizz v.1 price 25,000 Baht plus delivery 2800 Baht total = 27,800 Baht, require full payment or 60% deposit to one of our bank accounts. Once you have completed the payment please notify us your shipping address. Lead time of production is about 20-30 days from the date of payment. Delivery by TNT Express door to door delivery. However if we have the stove in stock we can process delivery within the next day. purchase online at our online store Online Supa Store
  11. How to make payment ?
  12. What is the break even point ?
      You have to know howmany LPG gas you use per month. For example; you use 4 LPG units per month. The price of LPG gas is 370 Baht per unit. You pay 4 units x 370 Baht = 1480 per months for LPG gas. The cost of Reactor stove is 25,000 Baht, divided by 370 = 67.5 units which is the break even point. Remark * You need to deduct the cost of wood to get the exact cost.
  13. Can i visit your workshop to see the stove demonstration ?
      Yes you are welcome, Mon-Fri 9.00 hr to 17.00 hrs. Sat from 9.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs. No work on Sunday.
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