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Wooden electric car - big 4 wheels vehicle made in Thailand
Price US$ 830.-
Ms. Supa, The inventorThis wooden electric vehicle was designed and built up by Ms. Supa Boondee, all components and parts can be found in the hardware market. The vehicle structure was made of wood, foot brake system modified from bicycle hand brakes. The turning left and right direction of front wheels using door hinges. The big 4 wheels are bicycle wheels. Speed controller box is installed on hand wheel.
electric vehicle 1electric wooden car vehicle 2
electric vehicle 1electric wooden car vehicle 2
Technical parameter
Product nameSUPA electric vehicle ©
Prototype for sales only one unit available
Dimension: L: 134 cm, W: 58 cm, H: 153 cm
Wheel diameter:50 cm
Power motor DC850 Watts, 36 VDC
Maximum speed:20 km/hr
Types of batteryLead acid car battery 12VDC x 3 pcs Total 45 Ah x 3 pcs = 135Ah
Maximum loading 250 kg
Country of OriginThailand
Designed bySupa Boondee Workshop
Price ?US$ 830 (25,000 THB)
electric vehicleWho's ever buy this electric vehicle, i will sing a song for you by uploading on Youtube. I promised.
Ms. Supa
SUPA Wooden Electric vehicle more pictures Click here..
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