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How to save your electric bill ?
Save electricity cost up to 15-30%

electric power saver save up to 30% of your electric bill
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Model 2000kw Save your electric bill
US$ 450/unit
electric power saver 05s2000kw 2 phase and single phase power saver
Technical parameter
ModelModel 2000kw series
Rated VoltageA/C 110/220vac, 110, 240, 250 Vac
Rated frequency50Hz-60Hz
Application Model 2000kw for monthly electric bill 1000kwh~2000kwh and can apply with watt hour meter of 15~200 amp or above and can apply with watt hour meter of 15~200 amp or above
Dimension:W x L x H = 20.5 x 26 x 13cm
Net Weight:2100 gram
2000kw 2 phase and single phase electric power saverpower saver boondee
Boondee Power Saver
Model 2000kw ©

Easy to use, just connect Power Saver to electric socket in your room; bed room, kitchen room, lobby, dining, bathroom, etc. And wait to see your electric bill goes down, it's really saved your electric cost !

To apply the whole house just install Boondee Power Saver to the main panel switch board.

Local Delivery
Delivery within Thailand is free of charge unless otherwise stated.

International Shipping
All international shipping by EMS, FedEx, DHL or UPS courier express within 48 hours.
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equationmanual 2000kw
packing power saver
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Carton Box dimension: L x W x H = L 37 x W 32 x H 27 cm
Gross weight: 4000 gram
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