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Boondee electric generator 220VAC, 50Hz Model EGEN-101
electric generatorMs. Supa Boondee, the inventor
Electric Generator EGEN-101 no air polution, it drives the generator by DC motor 12-24 Volt. Giving power 220Volt, 50 Hz, pure sine wave. Power mode 300 watts, 1000 watts and 1900 watts.

We use 3 phase induction motor as the alternator with some electronic circuit be added to make it works. Why 3 phase motor ? Because it is easy to find and cheaper than dynamo. In many countries you will find very difficulty to get permanent magnet dynamo. We have tried a lot effort to test and experiment, the results is satisfied. We confirmed this machine EGEN-101 can apply as the generator, money back guarantee. If you would like to know how to add a circuit to the motor (unlimited watts) we charge as little as US$ 240.- we will email you the circuit diagram by email after payment. You can pay us in several way ; By wire transfer, by Western Union and by
Paypal or credit cards.
Or If you would like us to build up one for you, we charge US$ 1500/unit (not include shipping cost) this price included; (1) components such as motor etc (2) Wages (3) Intellectual property.
Table of comparison chart between EGEN-101, fuel generator and inverter
EGEN-101 Fuel engine GeneratorInverter DC 12 to AC 220V
No require fuelRequire fuelNo require fuel
Powered by battery to DC motor to run the alternatorPowered by fuel to engine to run alternatorPowered by energy from battery feed to inverter
Immediate operation when requiredEngine start and speed adjustImmediate operation when required
EGEN-101 still can operation although the battery voltage drop to 6.5 VoltGenerate electricity untill run out of fuelThe inverter will automatically stopped when the battery voltage drop down to 11.50 Volt
For e.g. if apply 100 watts load, the EGEN could supply electricity for about 1.80 hour with 45Ah car battery, and 6.5 hours with deep cycle battery 160 AhSupply electrictiy untill run out fuelIf apply 100 watts load to the inverter it could supply electricity for about 3 hours with 45 Ah car battery, and 21 hour with deep cycle 160 Ah battery.
Can apply to all types of loadCan apply to all types of loadOnly apply to some loads but not for all especially the modified sine wave could not work well with induction motor and heater.
Giving electric output 220-240 Volt, 50Hz, Pure sine waveGiving electric output 220-240 Volt, 50Hz, Pure sine waveElectric output is 220-240 Volt, 50Hz, Pure sine wave and Modified sine wave depending on the inverter type. However the pure sine wave inverter has a 3 times price higher than normal modified sine wave inverter.
No heat occure during operationExtremely heat when operation for a long timeExtremely heat or burnt out if over loads
Less maintenance careFrequent maintenance careLess maintenance care
Suitable for emergency power supply when electricity shut down. The EGEN still can work well although the battery voltage dropped down to 6.5 Volt Suitable for emmergency power supply same as EGEN-101Inverter can use as a home electricity but only one disadvantage of inverter is that it will stop if the battery voltage dropped down to 11.50 Volt require user to recharge the battery or have a new charged battery replaced.
EGEN-101 can be mounted to wind turbine to obtain mechanic energy run the alternator in stead of using DC motor.Can not modify to apply with wind turbineCan apply with wind turbine + build in alternator.
electric generator
Data Specification
Input Voltage12-24VDC Battery at least 45 A (Recommended 12V deep cycle or Golf cart battery 160Ah)
Output Voltage 220 VAC, 50Hz, Pure sine wave
Power option (Watts)Starting mode 1 = 300 watts
Mode 2 = 1000 watts
Mode 3 = 1900 watts
Size dimensionL x W x H : 39 x 37 x 66 cm
Net weight 47 kg
Price ?Please contact our Sales click here
Boondee Electric Generator Model EGEN-101
electric generatorelectric generator
electric generatorelectric generator
Pending Petty Patent on 28th Jan 2013 - Copy Rights - Thailand by Supa Boondee Workshop
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