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BOONDEE CBC-1237 External power from your car battery to your cell phone through car cigarette lighter socket. This is not a battery charger it is a gadget for your mobile phone to be able to use electricity from vehicle directly to your cell phone.
cell phone external power supplycar battery gadget to your cell phone
external power battery for mobile phonecell phone battery external power
external power battery for mobile phonecell phone battery external power
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Data Specification
Product nameBoondee External power for Cell Phone
Input voltage12VDC from car battery
Maximum power1000 mA or 12 watts
ApplicationReplaced mobile phone battery to car battery or deep cycle battery. It will last longer than mobile phone battery. Most of the car battery is 45 Ampere, the mobile phone drain electric current about ~ 230 mAh during use, therefore 45A of car battery can power your mobile phone about 195 hours non stop. When the car is running it will self charging back to battery, your cell phone would never run out of electricity.
Net weight200 gram
Dimension62 x 56 x 27 mm
Product warranty 5 years
Country of OriginThailand
  1. What is a different between CBC-1237 and battery charger ?
      The battery charger in the market is designed to charge the cell phone's battery. The charger draw a small electric current to charge the battery, it was not desinged to use as a battery or power supply. The CBC-1237 is designed to use as a power supply to power the cell phones directly from car battery or other batteries such as; lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, golf cart battery, laptop battery etc.
  2. Can i use CBC-1237 as a battery charger ?
      CBC-1237 was not designed to apply as a battery charger.
  3. How to connect 3 pins battery to the CBC-1237 ?
  4. i have only one cell phone and i want to use it as portable at the same time, how to solve this problem ?
      No problem if you do not want to drill a hole to your mobile back cover. You are recommended to duplicate another SIM card to use with the 2nd cell phone, contact your cell phone company to register another SIM card of the same phone number. Use that dedicated 2nd SIM card with the 2nd cell phone and keep it in your car always.
  5. i do not have technical experience to jump the resistor to pin 2 and pin 3.
      When you placed order, we will send you free of charge 2 pcs resistor 82 K Ohm, if you do not know how to jump it, you are recommended to bring your 2nd cell phone to the cell phone repair shop and ask them to do for you it will take only 2 minutes to complete the job.
  6. Question! Why not use the DC input jack on the phone?
      The dc jack on the cell phone was designed to apply with charger only and with small electric current. The pin can not load much current that's why we have to drill a hole to insert wire cable. Unlike the laptop computer it has a big size of dc power for external. Most of the charger is 10% of battery ampacity, this means the pin is too small.
Price ?
CBC-1237 : US$ 40 /unit.

Shipping cost ?
Standard shipping cost to Asia region is : US$ 30/unit
Standard shipping cost to America, Europe, Africa is : US$ 60/unit
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Asia region total cost = 70 Us dollar, the product ID is CBC-1237-A
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United States, Europe, Africa total cost = 100 Us dollar, the product ID is CBC-1237
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Do your own business with Boondee manufacture license.
    If you would like to do your own business in your local area, chance you are. Buy Boondee license to build it yourself under your own brand name.

    CBC-1237 license comprised of;
    1. 200 sets of all components kit
    2. 200 pcs Plastic box
    3. Schematic diagram
    4. Video display step by step how to build it

    All of these 200 sets cost only US$ 3000 or US$ 15/set (not include shipping cost)
    You could sell US$ 40/unit + your technical service, Gross profit you earn is US$ 25/unit.
    Total gross profit = US$ 5000. WoW !!!
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