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Boondee Hand winding Rechargeable power supply
No require external power source from home. Whereever you are you can have free electricity 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is FREE electricity ! No fuel, no more worry about wind, solar etc. Just use your hand with a little works and you will have FREE electricity as much as 3kw, 230 Volt AC, that's it !
GR-777 rechageable hand winding
Product name: Rechargeable hand winding emergency power supply
Model :GR-777
Power output230 VAC, 60 Hz, 3000 watts
Power source 12 DCV lead acid battery, 38, 45 Amp
Dynamo (generator)
Gear ratio 1:100

Gear dynamo 10 Amp, 13.5 Volt . A powerful neodymium magnets.
Dimension: L x W x H79.5 x 26 x 140 cm
Diameter of hand winding45.8 cm
Total net weight99 kg

Price ? Please contact our Sales Executive    Distributor source out.

The goods are advised to ship by LCL Ocean vessel, USD 600/cubic metre. Time of delivery depending on destination port. Usually it will takes about 25-30 days.

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emergency power supply with self rechargeable hand winding
renewable energy
emergency power supply with self rechargeable hand windingMs. Supa the inventor of emergency power supply self rechargeable hand winding
The EPS 5000 is for 5000 watts and does not have hand winding, the GR-777 for 3000 watts with hand winding for rechargable. GR-777 was developed from EPS 5000 by adding rechargable hand winding.
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