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MHCF 1st Man Made Hydrocarbon fuel | Mosquitoes trap MOS-101 MOS101 Mosquitoes Collector Trap MOS-101 |Sound Player * Hand Saw | Investment opportunity * Electric vehicle, golf car, B4-89, Mosquito Collector Trap, Gasifier stove, Gasifier generator | UPS uninterruptible power supply, New Alternative Energy Invention Electric generator Thailand electricity * Inverter DC to AC 5000 watts to 10,000 watts * LED * Free energy, electricity * Air Cushion no more sell * moving sign board - LED message board * Homemade Chain Reaction Energy * Make your own solar cells * Bird repellent, Pigeon Repeller * Boondee Wireless Electricity * Boondee EPS Emergency power supply for residence and office use. * Vertical and Horizontal Wind turbine. VAWT, HAWT * Boondee XVA Carbon Activator * Fuel Saver, Energy Saver * Resonant Power Supply * Brain computer interface device * CBC-1237 Mobile phone external power supply, AM/FM radio receiver , mos-101 mosquitoes trap Best Sellers*
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mosquitoes collector trap
New invention : Mosquito Collector Trap
eliminate 99.90 % mosquitoes within 2 days

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Supa the inventor
ghost repellent 1 ghost repellent 2
Trisaksri Ghost repellent gadget was invented in 2009 the very famous invention of Supa Boondee, sold to United States
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Supa the inventor
lip sync
Lip sync Service
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Lip Sync Service :
Choose the song you want and i will do the rest for you

Sound audio player

Supa music player
Supa music player, MP3 player, CD player, audio player. Virtual sound stereo
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Supa MP3 CD Player
3 phase electric power saver 2 phase electric power saver Boondee Electric Power Saver for 3 phase electricity and 2 phase or single phase 3 wires electricity system

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Supa Gasifier Reactor Stove - Gasifier Generator
Model iizz v.1

We design and invented Gasifier Reactor Stove, using disposable wood,
sawdust and husk producing cooking gas for home use and for engines.
NEW INVENTION *** MHCF Man made HydroCarbon Fuel
by Supa Boondee
wood gasifier

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Powerful inverter DC to AC 5000 watts

Very powerful Inverter 12 vdc to 220 vac
electric generator
electric generatorelectric generator Boondee Electric Generator 220VAC, Model EGEN-101
No air polution, no fuel engine
New invention
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tv antenna TV antenna cristal clear for free TV channel: VHF/UHF/HDTV

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laser cutting servicemetal bending service punching stroke service Engineering Service
* Product design service with AutoCAD * Laser cutting service * Metal bending service* Metal punching service * Lathe service * Product (parts) assembly service.

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NEW product development of
Supa Boondee

electric power stop slow and reverse kwh meter 1
A device when plug to electrical wall outlet, it stop, slow down and reverse kwh meter. more details click here
electric power stop slow and reverse kwh meter 2 electric power stop slow and reverse kwh meter 2
voltage protection
over & under voltage protector Over & Under Voltage Protector device when electricity lower than 175 volt and higher than 275 volt. Protect your electrical appliances being damaged from over and under voltage power supply.
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Boondee Ozone Generator Model SO-5
Ozone works 3000 Times Faster than Chlorine
Ozone Has to be the best Clean in Pass Method
Ozone Killís 99.9% of Bacteria
Ozone is a Very Powerful Deodorizer
Ozone is a Very Powerful Oxidizer
Ozone Does not need to be Manufactured like Chemicals
Ozone Does not need to be Transported or Stored like Chemicals
Ozone Is produced right where you want it, On Site
Cure for the SARíS Virus!
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electric vehicle golf carelectric vehicle golf car electric vehicle golf car
Golf car electric vehicle Golf car - Small electric vehicle 4 wheels made in Thailand    English    Thai
Free electricity the whole of your life time or without paying single penny for electricity during the 5-20 years.
English | Thai
hand wheel free energy hand wheels energy Boondee Hand winding Rechargeable power supply No require external power source from home. Whereever you are you can have free electricity 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is FREE electricity ! No fuel, no more worry about wind, solar etc. Just use your hand with a little works and you will have FREE electricity as much as 3kw, 230 Volt AC,
Wireless electricity No require wire cable - wireless electricity transmission
Electric power saver for industries, 3 phase power saver.
Boondee CBC-1237 External power for your cell phones. Apply car battery to mobile phone directly. No more worry run out electricity to your cell phones. CBC-1237 is the solution for you ! English

The Trust City Ngamwongwan 25
Boondee Watering machine ENG/Thai
New UPS Uninterruptible power supply at least 9 hours operation continuously. 1500 watts, 220 VAC, 50 Hz. Good for computer, server, CCTV etc. by Boondee Workshop English | Thai
carving cnc machine carving cnc machine
2nd hand Carving Mini CNC machine for sales
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